materials: wacom tablet, photoshop

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Dear N-Judah,

Will you quit toying with my feelings? We broke up a few months ago - I bought a bike and swore I would shun you, despite your persistence in showing up at my doorstep. Last night, however, Market St successfully transformed itself into a water park, so when you asked me this morning if I needed a ride, I was grateful.

You tell me you’re coming in five minutes. I wait five minutes, but there’s no sign of you, no familiar rumbling on the tracks.

A funny thing about your clock, N-Judah, for apparently it moves backwards. Seven minutes is your next promise. Seven minutes, you swear. I’m worried about your safety now. I can’t help it; it seems as if I still have lingering feelings for you. Did you have an emotional meltdown near Ocean Beach? Perhaps the thought of the Duboce tunnel scared you so much you decided to turn back at Sunset Blvd. Please be safe, N-Judah. We’ll go through the tunnel together, just like we used to.

You finally do come, but I can see that evil gleam in your eyes as you inform me, “Sorry, no passengers.”

You are mocking me.

This cannot be allowed.

Tomorrow, I am buying a rain jacket and boots. You and me, N-Judah, we are going to stay broken up.

Your Neighbor

P.S. I had such a difficult time getting over you that I made an app in your honor.